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Creating and Restoring Outdoor Living Opulence

Providing Cost-Effective Outdoor Property Maintenance

Serving Every Long Island Homeowner

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There's No Place Like Home

Our work has always been deeply rooted in our passion for beautifying yards and outdoor living spaces.

For homeowners, in many circumstances there isn't enough time in the day, month, or even year between juggling a career, family, and the demands of life to perform certain necessary tasks pertaining to their home.

Typically this results in the neglect of many necessary maintenance and improvement undertakings in their backyard, surrounding property, and outdoor living spaces of the home.

We decided to change that.

For years we have proudly delivered to Long Island homeowners, a superior quality product and service based off their specific outdoor living demands, needs, and desires.

At Long Island Homeowner Services our mission is simple,

To provide all Long Island homeowners with a full-service product, and cost-efficient property management and maintenance service for everything outside the homes four walls. 

What had began as a passion for improving outdoor living areas, was then combined with a labor of love, and eventually had been shared with countless numbers of Long Island homeowners.

We take the time necessary to maintain, restore, and care for our client's outdoor structures and their property's outdoor living areas beauty. This allows for our clients to appreciate their new found additional quality time while enjoying the hidden benefits of their vastly improved outdoor living spaces, and their property's transformed and restored beauty.

"So... what actually is it that you guys can do"?

We figured you were just about to ponder that question, right?

3 Simple Steps to Begin

First, lets start with taking a walk to your fridge. Don't whisper a word, simply collect all of the "property guy handyman" and dime-a-dozen local home service company magnets and place them neatly in a pile. Lastly, walk the collection of useless objects to the nearest  clap-trap and FIRE AWAY!



Lets face it, who wants to spend their time trying to fix their BBQ? 

Sprinklers suddenly don't work?

How about closing down and winterizing your outdoor living areas for the season?

Pressure wash the patio, sand it, and seal it? Huh?

We thought so.

With our customizable 'Tiered Member Service' platform, our member clients can simply login, choose any of our offered services for a specific date or schedule, then decide how to spend their new found free time.

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At Your Service 24/7


The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary. ~ Sam Walton

Not only do we go above, but we go considerably beyond.

Like, next galaxy-ish.



At this moment, you probably realize that we just might be a simplified solution that makes some real flippin sense.


We have the immediate solution for anything you encounter on your property outside of the four walls of your home.


Yeah, we're your guy for that. 

The only company you need to know for anything 'Outside your home's four walls.'

Have a question, but the cat got your tongue?  

Ask us anything on Facebook Messenger. 

Alright, Now Lets Get To Why You're Here.

Follow Me....

           Total              Property           Maintenance

What separates Long Island Homeowner Services from every other branded outdoor service company is simple, our 'Tiered 365' Platform.  The 'Tiered 365' platform has been crafted to suit any customers request coupled with a guaranteed same day turnaround service program for nearly all of our offerings. Each client has a choice of our three signature tier groups, Basic, Premium, Elite.  For each tier group every client receives a  yearly voucher for the annual contract amount which can be used at discretion for credit towards any one of our service offerings, any time, 365 per year.  On each one of our three tier levels ensures  regardless the situation, emergency, issue, or malfunction concerning anything on their property outside of the home, they can immediately count on us.  It is reassuring knowing that we are a phone call or a few keystrokes away on our mobile app away for same day service of most anything except lawn cuttings.

A further benefit has always our deep rooted relationships with numerous contracting companies, masons, builders, and other mechanical and electrical outfits. Tiered Service Member Clients benefit from our negotiating leverage and pricing power with various industry specialists, which has always afforded our tiered members with immediate access to cost-effective outdoor living and land services in a moments notice.


Our one of a kind member platform combines our staple maintenance platform, with on-call immediate outdoor property and outdoor living maintenance services for anytime and anywhere on Long Island, NY.

Take a tour of our site landscape below and get to know us.

For 'Tiered Service Member' inquiries, please see the request form at the bottom of this home page.   




Wouldn't it be splendid if there was a service that was at your beck and call?

A service which could handle anything pertaining to your home's outdoor living space, structures, and property?


Welcome to our 'white glove' property concierge platform.


Picture your on vacation. You have a desire or request while staying at your hotel.

In this simple case, you simply call the concierge desk, and voila, your wish is their command, right?

Our 'white glove' platform offers instant service for anything on your property, outside the four walls of your home.  With our state of the art platform, we are always on call for our clients regardless of the situation. Whether it be a customer suddenly realizes the BBQ grill isn't working properly, the pool guy is unreliable, deck needs repair, or just the old "I can't figure this out."

Our goal is to make your life simpler, stress free knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong, and most importantly, extremely cost-effective.  

As a 'Tier Service Platform Member' our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that any situation is just one call, message, or a few taps away on our mobile app from the correct and timely solution.

Our tier service has three simple platform groups. Basic, Premium, Elite. All three tier platform groups receive our on-call, under six hour service guarantee. In addition, each tiered service platform client is entitled to a free BBQ cleaning per year, along with a no charge guarantee on any services for the year up to the annual tier contract amount.

For the 2018 period, our 'Tiered Service Platform' contract starts at $300,  which provides any homeowner on Long Island with the re-assurance of knowing that whatever happens or goes wrong on their property, it will be addressed and resolved immediately.


Let us prove it to you for the first year. We have never had an unsatisfied customer.

Learn More About our Member Platform and Services We Provide.

Life is about to get a whole lot easier.

Long Island Homeowner Services. Long Island BBQ grill cleaning.Long Island BBQ grill cleaning.Nassau


If there's a problem with your BBQ, we got you covered.


We service, repair, clean, refurbish, and maintain all makes and models of outdoor kitchens, built in BBQ units and cart/pedestal grills. 


Contact us if your unit caught fire due to grease and gunk.

Maybe you have been thinking that your BBQ has not worked as well as it used to?

Or simply your grill just flat out doesn't work at all.

Same day services offered.

Don't hesitate, call us!!

Long Island Homeowner Services house exterior cleaning and powerwash.


Proper siding, roof, and gutter maintenance is highly recommended to prevent home damage and drainage issues.


Get this service done quickly and efficiently by the experts here at Long Island Homeowner Services. 

We got you covered regardless the job you need completed asap.

If your roof looks filthy and could use a full restoration washing, your gutters require a cleanup or repair, your solar panels are littered with leaves, dirt, and debris...


Contact us to get it done on the double.

deck powerpressure.jpg


Do your paving stones look weathered?

How about your patio has mold growing everywhere between the paving joints?

Is your deck faded from years of direct sunlight?

Does you deck even seem sturdy? 

We specialize in every facet of pre-existing patio, deck, and paving services.

There is no job too big or small. 

Fully customizable organization platforms for existing structures. 
Exterior wash, power/pressure clean services.
Structural repair and re-inforcement. 

Seasonal cleaning and maintenance service. 

Garage, Pool House, Shed Services

Long Island Homeowner Maintenance Service | Long Island Homeowner Services

A Little About Us


Long Island Homeowner Services has been undeniably committed to both clients and community for many years.


We believe that being a great service provider not only means having complete and total confidence in the people providing those services, but also having a great respect for the clients and neighborhoods we service. 


We are extremely proud to have an excellent team of professionals and support staff working with us through the years, and looking forward to the team growth in the years to come.


With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed our high standards and our clients’ expectations.

How soon can we help?

If you're in need of a dependable outdoor property management and maintenance service company, don’t hesitate.


Contact Long Island Homeowner Services Today!


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