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BBQ Repairs, Services, Maintenance, and Cleaning

At Long Island Homeowner Services, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with all of the services we offer, and in every aspect of the work we do.


Our trained staff is ready to service any homeowner's need for their BBQ or outdoor kitchen.

We clean, service, repair, maintain, install, assemble, disassemble, and even provide door-to-door deliveries for BBQ items and accessories.

Our workforce is highly trained to handle even the most complicated situations for every make and model BBQ.


Long Island Homeowner Services is not only qualified to meet all homeowner's needs, but extremely dedicated to offering diverse and specialized services tailored to our client’s unique preferences and situation.


Below are some of the services we offer.

BBQ: Service
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Get this service done quickly and efficiently by the experts here at Long Island Homeowner Services. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the service we provide. Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have.

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Get the results you deserve with our BBQ seasonal and yearly maintenance service. This service provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that we will be maintaining the health of their grill by cleaning, and running a full safety check twice per year.

At Long Island Homeowner Services we try to simplify the lives of our customers by providing our BBQ and outdoor kitchen maintenance program year round tailored to a schedule of our customer's choice.

Long Island Homeowner Services yearly BBQ maintenance program:

First, in Spring we provide a full BBQ cleaning and safety check which would include any repair and replacement of any damaged parts or accessories if necessary.


Secondly, in late Fall we stop by for a seasonal BBQ winterizing which would include an end of year cleaning, replacement or repair of any issues, items and accessories. This service also includes a winter wrap if necessary in order to protect form the winter elements. 

At Long Island Homeowner Services, we are extremely committed to the specific needs and wants of our customers, and improving their outdoor living spaces.

We strive to relieve homeowner stress, with our goal to always impress  so our customers can enjoy their new found extra time relaxing in their yard, hassle free.

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Has your BBQ caught fire recently? Do certain functions of the grill work improperly? We supply all the equipment and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job our clients have for us, no matter how big or small it may be.
We will absolutely restore your grill's glory, and bring it back to life.
If you are tired of the hassle, contact us now!

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