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Long Island Homeowner Services. The simple and smart garage & shed storage solutions.

Garage storage is not only the need to store your cars, bikes, tools and toys; but it also needs to be a functional space so that you can easily access what you're storing. 

The cheapest, initially easiest, and in our opinion the most inefficient way is to store everything in cardboard boxes and store them neatly in the corner of your garage. 

The brutal reality is that unfortunately once you realize you need something in the bottom box in the back of your neat arrangement, it untimely dawns that storage space also needs to be functional in order to easily access all the great things you've packed away. In most cases, anyone can create storage in a garage from space that currently may not be in use.  Often times the garage door track hardware leaves you with awkward wall space that you can't to do much of anything with, but that small space may pose a great spot for a garden tool chest or a speed closet for your brooms, shovels, and other frequent indoor/outdoor items. 

Another under utilized storage space in your garage is above your car's parking spot. We carry a few different options for ceiling storage so that you can get things off the cluttered floor of your garage and store them overhead. Storage is what your garage was built for, let us help you take full advantage of all the space in your garage. 

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